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The Fashion Doughnut

November 25, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


How the fashion industry can think along the lines of the Doughnut model to rethink fashion systems?

“Our economic system is flawed.” “We need to change the system!” In the discourse around sustainability, we increasingly hear these cries. Today’s companies and economies are fuelled by a continuous quest to grow their income, primarily by increasing consumption and production figures. But as we increasingly learn, this drive for increased production, with the accompanied increased use of resources, emissions, and waste, is putting an unequivocal, unsustainable strain on our environment and planet.

The term Doughnut Economics refers to a new framework for sustainable development of economies, developed by economist Kate Raworth. It is based on the premise that today’s challenge for humanity is to meet the basic needs of all people while staying within the boundaries of our planet and its life supporting system upon which we depend.

For this round table, we will discuss how the fashion industry can think along the lines of the Doughnut model to rethink fashion systems. What does the Doughnut look like for the fashion industry? Which boundaries are we not meeting or overshooting, and do we need to address with priority? How can we rethink company strategies and systems to ensure that we can stay within the Doughnut? We look forward to discussing these high-level topics with a diverse set of thought leaders in the fashion industry, each bringing different insights to the table.

This is an invite only event with a few seats to listen in. This virtual live event is free of charge for supporters of Good Brand Guru.