Watch Party: NEWTOK – The Water is Rising

Losing ground to climate change, this Alaskan community resolves to save itself.

Join us for the online screening “Newtok – The Water is Rising” followed by a discussion about the film with other professionals from our network that are passionate about sustainability.

Although not directly linked to fashion, we are keen…

Inspiration Trip: Made Sustainably in Italy (6-8 April)

Circular Fashion & Craftsmanship

Join us for a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of companies that are at the forefront of a Circular fashion industry. During this two-day tour in the famed Prato region, you will visit established and pioneering companies that are marrying Italian craftsmanship with Circular…

Curated Networking Event: Fashion as a Service

Connecting change-leaders that are remodeling the fashion industry through a service approach.

It is increasingly clear that we need to shift from a take-make-use-discard economy to a circular one. Including in the fashion world. But what does that mean? It means making better use of the valuable resources that go…

Locally Made?

How to start sourcing more locally and contribute to (re-)building local supply chains.

Wherever in the world we are, most of us love seeing locally made products. Consumers feel they are supporting local craftspeople and retailers proudly highlight the origins in their marketing. Yet, with our globalized supply chains, few…