State of Fashion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind?

Panel discussion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind?

Join us live at the State of Fashion biennale for the screening of ‘The True Cost’, followed by a panel discussion. With industry experts, we will discuss whether producing clothes closer to home can mitigate the grotesque social and environmental damage…

To Dye for True Circularity

How to dye, coat and finish for expected quality and true circularity?
In our pursuit to develop circular products, the conversation usually centers around materials and fibers that can biodegrade or be separated for recyclability. Yet, often it is the dyes, coatings and finishings that have a heavier toll on…

The Human Side of Sustainability

In our drive to improve our environmental footprint, how can we ensure that we consider the human side of sustainability too?

More than 60 million workers are employed in the garment, textile and footwear industry worldwide. It is no secret that many of these are working in sub-par circumstances. They…