The Fashion Doughnut

How the fashion industry can think along the lines of the Doughnut model to rethink fashion systems?

“Our economic system is flawed.” “We need to change the system!” In the discourse around sustainability, we increasingly hear these cries. Today’s companies and economies are fuelled by a continuous quest to grow…

Fashion’s Race to Zero

Which tools and strategies can my fashion company adopt today, in the race to protect our climate?

To safeguard our planet, the pressure is on governments, businesses, and individuals to massively reduce emissions by 2030 and reach net zero by the middle of the century. The fashion industry, through its…

Tomorrow’s Fashion Professional

Which skills do I need to succeed in a social, circular and regenerative fashion economy?

It is increasingly clear that shifting to a circular economy requires more than product and technological innovation. To enable circular business models, whereby products live several lives, changing hands and forms throughout, we need to…