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IG Niutrex

For almost 10 years IG Niutex has made it their mission to support the development and processing of natural fibers in Switzerland. Offering a local and sustainable alternative to cotton and chemical fibres, they have been at the forefront of Switzerland’s expanding flax industry. More recently they have been…

Free The Bees

The honey bee is virtually extinct in its natural habitat in Switzerland and yet it is not protected. Just one visit to the FREETHEBEES website proves educational. Their unique position in the bee world sets them apart from other organisations as they do not represent the interest of beekeepers….


Labdoo provides access to educational materials to hundreds of thousands of children in schools from developing regions around the globe. It is not just what they do that is brilliant, it is how they go about it.

If you have an unused computer, ipad, ebook reader or tablet pc at…

Social Fabric

Social Fabric embraces the craft of sewing for positive social and environmental impact. It is a hub of creativity where people come together in their atelier in Zurich to learn all there is to know about sewing or to upgrade their skills. Whilst Social Fabric welcomes everyone, its focus…