About Us

CoEvolve: towards a circular lifestyle and a planet in balance.

CoEvolve is an online destination/hub to discover, be inspired, engage and support the people, companies and organisations committed to the development of the circular economy through the products and services they offer. Find out what’s available in your local area or further afield, events you can attend and read featured interviews with the people who are the force for change in the circular economy around the globe.

Labelled as the fourth Industrial Revolution the circular economy is in the early stages of development. As industries shift and transition toward the circular economy at CoEvolve we believe individuals are key to driving that shift. It is our consumer choices that will determine the demand and yet it is often very difficult to know what is available. We hope we make that a bit easier for you. All featured enterprises are recommended by the CoEvolve team or users of the platform. If you enjoy the services of a particular company please show your support by giving them a thumbs up.