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Free The Bees

The honey bee is virtually extinct in its natural habitat in Switzerland and yet it is not protected. Just one visit to the FREETHEBEES website proves educational. Their unique position in the bee world sets them apart from other organisations as they do not represent the interest of beekeepers….


Gone are the festival days where holding your nose in a sweltering and cramped plastic cabin is the norm. Kompotoi has revolutionised the ‘porta-loo’ market. By creating environmentally friendly porta-loos, Kompotoi brings into question the further use of traditional plastic porta-loos that are not only environmentally damaging but also…

Wildbiene & Partner

Wildbiene & Partner make it possible for every household with a balcony or garden to become a beekeeper of wild mason bees regardless of whether you live in the inner-city or in the countryside. Mason bees are absolutely harmless, do not sting and are disinterested in food and sweet…