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State of Fashion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind?

Online Event

Panel discussion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind? Join us live at the State of Fashion biennale for the screening of ‘The True Cost’, followed by a panel discussion. With industry experts, we will discuss whether producing clothes closer to home can mitigate the grotesque social and environmental damage of today’s fashion supply chain....


Farm-to-Fashion; A Kaleidoscope of Color Powered by Nature

Online Event

Imagine a world without toxic textile waste, where colors are from nature and nurture our nature. Textiles and clothing should not come at the expense of people and the planet. The sector has caused a lot of damage but can also contribute to its recovery and restoration. We urgently need to invest in the development...


Curated Networking Event: Fashion as a Service

Online Event

Connecting change-leaders that are remodeling the fashion industry through a service approach. It is increasingly clear that we need to shift from a take-make-use-discard economy to a circular one. Including in the fashion world. But what does that mean? It means making better use of the valuable resources that go into making clothes, ensuring longevity,...