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Tomorrow’s Fashion Professional

Which skills do I need to succeed in a social, circular and regenerative fashion economy?

It is increasingly clear that shifting to a circular economy requires more than product and technological innovation. To enable circular business models, whereby products live several lives, changing hands and forms throughout, we need to…

Footwear Leaders Talks Transparency

How to track, trace and communicate footwear’s chain of custody?
Shoe brands are increasingly seeing the importance of engraining more sustainable practices into their products and processes. Yet, as in the larger fashion industry, transparency is still a point of difficulty. While brands are well aware of practices at tier…

Webinar – Intro into Sustainable E-Commerce

Make your e-commerce business model environmentally sustainable and financially profitable

The Sustainable E-commerce Webinar for Fashion Retail Professionals identifies opportunities to develop an e-commerce model that is profitable, personifies your brand values and engages customers while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Online retailers can benefit from the growing consumer demand…