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State of Fashion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind?

Panel discussion: Out of sight, (not) out of mind?

Join us live at the State of Fashion biennale for the screening of ‘The True Cost’, followed by a panel discussion. With industry experts, we will discuss whether producing clothes closer to home can mitigate the grotesque social and environmental damage…

Watch Party: NEWTOK – The Water is Rising

Losing ground to climate change, this Alaskan community resolves to save itself.

Join us for the online screening “Newtok – The Water is Rising” followed by a discussion about the film with other professionals from our network that are passionate about sustainability.

Although not directly linked to fashion, we are keen…

Fashion as a Force for Good

An introduction to BCorp certification for fashion companies
What do Veja, Patagonia, Mud Jeans and the Vestiaire Collective have in common? All four of these respected fashion companies are BCorp certified and thereby a part of the global movement to make business a force for good. Developed by the BLab…

Among Sustainability Managers

How to navigate the challenges of today’s fashion retail industry?

From on-premise recycling policies to developing new standards for decision making, Sustainability (or CSR) Managers have a lot on their plate. They have to consistently be at the forefront of evolving social and environmental requirements in the industry, staying ahead…

The Human Side of Sustainability

In our drive to improve our environmental footprint, how can we ensure that we consider the human side of sustainability too?

More than 60 million workers are employed in the garment, textile and footwear industry worldwide. It is no secret that many of these are working in sub-par circumstances. They…

Locally Made?

How to start sourcing more locally and contribute to (re-)building local supply chains.

Wherever in the world we are, most of us love seeing locally made products. Consumers feel they are supporting local craftspeople and retailers proudly highlight the origins in their marketing. Yet, with our globalized supply chains, few…

The Fashion Doughnut

How the fashion industry can think along the lines of the Doughnut model to rethink fashion systems?

“Our economic system is flawed.” “We need to change the system!” In the discourse around sustainability, we increasingly hear these cries. Today’s companies and economies are fuelled by a continuous quest to grow…